eLearning was our first introduction to Hubbell many years ago. We have produced the majority of titles currently featured in the Hubbell WDK learning library, and are always looking to add more content in an effort to educate distributors, sales staff and electrical industry organizations. All the content we produce is in convenient HTML5 video formats for re-usability. We handle all steps of production from writing the scripts, to generating the content, to programming the quizzes, to tracking user progress via the LITMOS Learning Management System. Visit the Hubbell University to see samples of our courses, videos and eTours, or click the demo button to view a web-enabled sample course. eLearning is a great way to enhance a newly launched product's web presence and generate traffic back to the Hubbell site.

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  • HTML 5 Adaptive Content - View our eLearning content on any device, anywhere you like!
  • Maximum Retention - Quizzes and in-context reinforcement questions ensure maximum user engagement.
  • Litmos LMS - Provides efficient dashboard management of all users and content, with powerful statistical data and reporting.
  • Maximum Exposure - Our courses are widely distributed to industry organizations like Bluevolt and ElectricSmarts for broader visibility of Hubbell products.


Follow these steps to prepare your eLearning effort 

Download Template

The provided eLearning script is a starting point so you know the standard sections contained in a Hubbell eLearning module. Sections like "Opening", "Learning Objectives", "Using The Module", "Overview", "Applications", "Features and Benefits", "Summary" and "Quiz" are usually featured, but each eLearning module can be customized to suit any need. Modify the script as you like, or let us handle it. Note the reinforcement questions and quiz questions. These are important to helping the student retain the material presented.

Gather resources

Collect any product photography, Powerpoints, brochures or existing marketing material for the product course. Go the the Project Portal and initiate the project by filling out the information and loading the resources. Also, be sure to communicate with Hubbell Enterprise Marketing regarding the effort.

Produce Course

With a finalized script along and marketing resources, Hawley Creates will produce the course, providing progress links along the way. After final testing and approvals, we will post the course to our library.

Post Course

After finalizing course, we will post the course to our Litmos Learning Management System. We will work with you to assign the course to all applicable users, and make sure the course is disseminated to the organizations that host industry eLearning centers in an effort to maximize the course's exposure to customers and potential distributors. 

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