Over the past few years we have helped Hubbell Develop it's own customizable virtual platform for the creation of eTours, virtual presentations, and virtual tradeshows. We utilize 3D generated artwork and animation with a programmed overlay system that allows for interactive videos, animations, and resource documents to be layered into immersive experiences. We have built colleges, hospitals and even casinos from the ground up, and populated them with product links back to the Hubbell online catalog. These types of virtual projects help engage website visitors and educate them as to the breadth of the Hubbell product offering. Visit the Hubbell University to see samples of our courses, videos and eTours, or click the demo buttons below to view samples.

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Virtual Tradeshows 

Virtual tradeshows have become a necessity since the pandemic. Our virtual tradeshow booths allow you to have an online booth complete with recorded avatar salespeople, rich video content, and links to important product information.  Why wait for the next big show when you can host your own 24/7/365?


Our eTours allow Hubbell to integrate market verticals into one, integrated, interactive space.  Connect to the online catalog, place product videos, and link to pdf resources all in one engaging space. To get started, just download our eTour production guide.

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